PeerJ for AED Authors

Jeff W. Hollister

Breifing for AED BCs

What is Peer J?

  • New Open Access Journal
    • Started publishing in Feb, 2013
  • Started by
    • Jason Hoyt (former Chief Scientist, Mendeley)
    • Peter Binfield (fromerly Publisher, PLoS ONE)
    • Tim O'Reily, (CEO, O'Reily Media Inc.)

What is Peer J?

PeerJ is an Open Access publisher that makes access to research free to all and affordable to publish for researchers & their institutions.

PeerJ provides academics with two Open Access publication venues: PeerJ (a peer-reviewed academic journal) and PeerJ PrePrints (a 'pre-print server'). Both are focused on the Biological and Medical Sciences.

Why would this benefit AED?

  • Open Access
    • Adheres to Holdren Memo on Open Access
  • Open Peer Review
    • Encouraged to sign reviews
    • Can publish complete history
  • PeerJ Question and Answer
  • Potential for VERY significant cost savings
  • But …

Why not just do it?

  • We need to navigate their buisness model

    PeerJ operates a 'Lifetime publishing plan' model. Unlike many Open Access publications which charge authors per publication, PeerJ provides low-cost publishing plans to individuals, which gives them lifetime rights to publish with us (for free).

  • Pay once, per author … for life.

What are the options?

  • Free: One PrePrint/year, cost: Well Free…
  • Basic: Unlimted PrePrints, One PeerJ Pub/year, cost: $99.00
  • Enhanced: Unlimted PrePrints, Two PeerJ Pub/year, cost: $199.00
  • Investigator: Unlimted PrePrints, Unlimited PeerJ Pub/year, cost: $299.00

What are the options?

  • Individual
  • Group: Single-payer, to cover publishing charges in a lab or organization at time of publication
  • Institutional: Pre-pay model. When we publish, we can use.
    • Arizona State
    • Carnegie Mellon
    • Duke
    • Harvard
    • Several more…
  • Talk with PeerJ to figure out what is best.

Any other feds?

  • Mostly as academic editors
    • USDA
    • US EPA, Kevin Crofton
  • One Published
    • USGS and Kellog Biological Field Station