Cyanobacteria in Lakes, Ponds, and Reservoirs

Overview of US EPA, Atlantic Ecology Division Research Activities

Jeff Hollister (with Kristen Hychka, Darryl Keith, Betty Kreakie, and Bryan Milstead)

Presented at Boston Museum of Science



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Cyanobacteria Research at AED

  • Background
  • Research Areas
    • Ecology
    • Toxicology
    • Epidemiology
    • Remote Sensing
    • Informatics

Lake Lila

Cyanobacteria Research at AED:


  • Mamalian toxicity
  • Hair as biomarkers
  • Research Triangle Park: Neil Chernoff

ValJones Comic

Cyanobacteria Research at AED:

Betsy's Figure


  • Cyanotoxin occurence
  • Exposure scenarios to assess risk to human health
  • Research Triangle Park: Betsy Hilborn

Cyanobacteria Research at AED:


  • Modelling
    • Long-term trends in Midwest
    • National Modelling
    • Rhode Island
    • Lake Morphometry
    • Improving predictions

Lake Lila #2

Lake Morphometry

  • Volume (2010)
  • Depth (2011)


Lake Morphometry

  • Volume (2010)
  • Depth (2011)


National Lake Morphometry (2013)