Atlantic Ecology Division

Jeffrey W. Hollister
15 Nov 2013

About AED

  • History
    • Water Quality
    • Toxicology
    • Ecology
    • Coastal/Marine
  • location
  • Facilities
  • ~70 FTE
  • ~ 30 Contract Staff




  • Safe and Sustainable Water Resources (SSWR)
  • Chemical Safety and Sustainability (CSS)
  • Safe and Healthy Communities (SHC)
  • Air, Climate, and Energy (ACE)


  • GIS
  • Genetics
  • Modeling
  • Lab Work
  • Field Work
  • Ecology
  • Economics
  • Toxicology



Past/Current Internships

  • Lake Ecosystems Services
    • Field Work, Data entry/collection
    • Resulted in co-author on a paper
  • Wetlands/Sparrow
    • GIS, Field Work
    • Started as intern - hired on Student Services Contract
  • Watershed Watch Database Development
    • GIS, Relational Database and Python
    • Worked with Watershed Watch

Arranging an Internship

  • Ad-hoc
    • No “formal” Opportunities
  • “EPA Student Volunteer”
  • Contact me, I'll help make connections

Possible Projects

  • Field experiment examining ocean acidification impacts on shellfish (Climate Change)
    • Field work, data analysis
  • Measuring beach use in Rhode Island (Environmental Economics)
    • Field work, methodology development
  • Assist with development of Comprehensive Conservation Management Plan for Long Island Sound (Natural Resource Management and Policy)
    • Writing, Policy, Management

Possible Projects (cont.)

  • Data collection for parameterizing SWAT model in Rhode Island (Environmental Moeling)
    • Data collection, literature search, analog-to-digital
  • Characterize and build database of cyanobacteria morphology types (biovolumes and life history) from National Lakes Assessment (Modeling, Monitoring,Limnology)
    • Database Development, Literature Search, Access to data for project

Possible Projects (cont.)

  • Mapping and characterizing condition of culverts and related stream condition in Rhode Island and Massachusetts (Water Quality Monitoring)
    • Field work, GIS, App DevelopmentS
  • Assist with Ribbed Mussel/Salt Marsh accretion study (wetlands)
    • Field Work, Sample Processing, Database