What goes up, must Blogdown: Version 3 (or 4) of jwhollister.com

Jeffrey Hollister · 2018-06-16 · 2 minute read

So, I finally have my website up and running as a Blogdown/Hugo site. I have been meaning to make this switch for some time now, but never really found the time until recently. Writing up the gory details of my experience doing this doesn’t seem like a good use of my time (nor your time to read it). This is because it wasn’t very difficult a process and many others have taken the time to put together really nice documentation. So, I’ll just link to the sites I used and say a word or two about the theme I used.

First, here are the links I found to be best:

Second, I struggled picking a theme. I didn’t want one that was too fancy, but many of the simple themes had things missing that I wanted. In the end, I chose one of the nicest (IMO) of the clean themes, Nan Xiao’s Tanka. I made a few small tweaks for my purposes. First, I wanted to be able to create some stand alone pages that would have dates listed on them or get added to the blog listing on the main page. Second, I made a few tweaks to colors, and Last, I add some fanciness with the Font Awesome icons on the menus.

All in all, an improvement over my old site and now I can be like the cool kids.