Colophon: v0.2.0

· 2014-10-08 · 1 minute read

Hard to believe that in less than a year I am now on the third version of my website. First one was me hacking at bootstrap. I knew next to nothing then, but was able to get a minimal site up and running. Since then I have learned quite a bit more about web design, Jekyll, hosting on github, and am a much better hacker than I was then (although still not a good one). My second site never really saw the light of day and was developed from scratch for a web design course I took.

This third site is now being built with Jekyll, hosted on Github, and uses a slightly customized version of the Hyde theme. Hyde is released under the MIT license, and the content on my website is freely available via Creatitve Commons Zero Public Domain Declaration. I would have used WTFPL v2.0, but some might take offense.

I will likely keep hacking on this site by adding some additional styling components and content (i.e. my CV). I do also plan on blogging some here when I get the time. I expect to maintain my old blog as an archive but new content will go here. Any technical changes will be added to this post.